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Jake Hillion 2022-03-28 16:46:30 +01:00
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@ -10,25 +10,17 @@ use nix::unistd::Pid;
pub struct CloneArgs<'a> {
pub flags: CloneFlags,
pub pidfd: Option<&'a mut File>,
pidfd_int: RawFd,
pub child_tid: Option<&'a mut Pid>,
child_tid_int: pid_t,
pub parent_tid: Option<&'a mut Pid>,
parent_tid_int: pid_t,
pub pidfd: Option<&'a mut Option<File>>,
pub child_tid: Option<&'a mut Option<Pid>>,
pub parent_tid: Option<&'a mut Option<Pid>>,
pub exit_signal: Option<Signal>,
pub stack: Option<&'a mut [u8]>,
pub set_tid: Option<&'a [Pid]>,
pub cgroup: Option<&'a File>,
struct CloneArgsInternal<'a> {
struct CloneArgsFfi<'a> {
flags: u64,
pidfd: u64,
child_tid: u64,
@ -50,13 +42,9 @@ impl<'a: 'b, 'b: 'c, 'c> CloneArgs<'a> {
pidfd: None,
pidfd_int: 0,
child_tid: None,
child_tid_int: 0,
parent_tid: None,
parent_tid_int: 0,
exit_signal: None,
@ -66,23 +54,28 @@ impl<'a: 'b, 'b: 'c, 'c> CloneArgs<'a> {
fn process(&'b mut self) -> CloneArgsInternal<'c> {
CloneArgsInternal {
fn process(
&'b mut self,
pidfd: &mut RawFd,
child_tid: &mut pid_t,
parent_tid: &mut pid_t,
) -> CloneArgsFfi<'c> {
CloneArgsFfi {
flags: self.flags.bits() as u64,
pidfd: self
.map(|_| (self.pidfd_int) as *mut RawFd as u64)
.map(|_| pidfd as *mut RawFd as u64)
child_tid: self
.map(|_| self.child_tid_int as *mut pid_t as u64)
.map(|_| child_tid as *mut pid_t as u64)
parent_tid: self
.map(|_| self.parent_tid_int as *mut pid_t as u64)
.map(|_| parent_tid as *mut pid_t as u64)
exit_signal:|s| s as i32 as u64).unwrap_or(0),
stack: self
@ -104,27 +97,33 @@ impl<'a: 'b, 'b: 'c, 'c> CloneArgs<'a> {
fn finalise(&mut self) {
unsafe fn finalise(&mut self, pidfd: RawFd, child_tid: pid_t, parent_tid: pid_t) {
if let Some(r) = &mut self.pidfd {
**r = unsafe { File::from_raw_fd(self.pidfd_int) };
**r = Some(File::from_raw_fd(pidfd));
if let Some(r) = &mut self.child_tid {
**r = Pid::from_raw(self.child_tid_int);
**r = Some(Pid::from_raw(child_tid));
if let Some(r) = &mut self.parent_tid {
**r = Pid::from_raw(self.parent_tid_int);
**r = Some(Pid::from_raw(parent_tid));
pub fn clone3(mut args: CloneArgs) -> nix::Result<Pid> {
let args_int: CloneArgsInternal = args.process();
let mut pidfd: RawFd = 0;
let mut child_tid: pid_t = 0;
let mut parent_tid: pid_t = 0;
let result = unsafe { syscall(SYS_clone3, &args_int, std::mem::size_of_val(&args_int)) };
let args_ffi: CloneArgsFfi = args.process(&mut pidfd, &mut child_tid, &mut parent_tid);
let result = unsafe { syscall(SYS_clone3, &args_ffi, std::mem::size_of_val(&args_ffi)) };
let out = Errno::result(result).map(|p| Pid::from_raw(p as i32))?;
// SAFETY: requested things have been filled by the kernel so are now valid for their type
unsafe {
args.finalise(pidfd, child_tid, parent_tid);